Gabrielle Mottern

I have been photographing families, children and a wide variety of pets and horses in the New England area for over ten years. I exhibit my environmental portraits in solo and group exhibitions throughout the region.

My artwork celebrates elements in nature like the rebirth of spring, the warm colors of summer, vibrant splendors of autumn and the white possibilities of our winters. I produce classically styled studio portraits, bringing special attention to building beautiful and unique scenes, filled with fresh cut flowers and gorgeous backdrops.

As an artist, I delight in connecting myself with my subject. I strive to record an authentic candid moment or a straight forward portrait which exposes the true spirit of my subject. This is my art.

I photograph using a traditional black and white process, printing each image by hand in my darkroom. The work is then finished with manually applied color oil paints and stains. This art form has a rich history and each of my portraits is a unique piece of art.

"Take a picture - it will last longer"